Take a Journey with Me (and the iCenter!)

Every year, the Jewish people recount our journey from slavery to freedom. And while Passover tells the beginning of the story, Torah commands us to continue storytelling for forty-nine days, through the Counting of the Omer. This seven-week period takes us from our first step into the sea of reeds on the second night of Passover all the way to the mountain-shaking awe-inspiring Sinai moment celebrated on Shavuot.

As we move from Passover to Shavuot, the Israelites travel further away from the slavery of Egypt and toward the moment of revelation at Sinai. Where are you in that journey in relation to your thoughts/emotions/feelings about Israel?

Let me back up.

As an iCenter Masters Concentration in Israel Education Fellow (say that five times fast!), I have been tasked with the awesome responsibility of creating something – a tool or resource – that can be used in the field of Israel education.

For me, Israel education must be multi vocal and overflowing with stories.

Thus, my project: an Omer-lengthed blog, through which a variety of people share, bkitzur*, their thoughts on Israel.

My guest bloggers are invited to provide content (in a variety of media forms) on one of two prompts – either the question posed above, or the question posed below:

What one story do you think every American kid should learn about Israel?

Daily posts will include the musings of students and professors, of longtime Israel lovers and those with newfound interest in the country and its people. Some will share their misgivings, their pained relationship with Israel. Others will challenge policies present in a land they love. Most bloggers are Jewish, but not all. Most bloggers are writers, but not all.

Please, join me on this journey – and if you are interested in sharing your own response, I would love nothing more than to hear your thoughts.


Dusty Klass is a M.A. in Jewish Education candidate at Hebrew Union College – Jewish Institute of Religion. If all goes according to plan, she will graduate in May, after which she will continue her studies in HUC-JIR’s Rabbinic Program.
After a summer in Israel in 2004, Dusty returned in 2010 to spend a year in Jerusalem, living at Lincoln (pronounced “link-o-lin”) 12 and eating much shakshuka. She misses many things about living in Israel…but not the cat yowls.


*bkitzur – Hebrew for “in short”

About dustyicentered

Rabbinic Student at HUC-JIR in Los Angeles, graduate of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education. I love a good story.

2 responses to “Take a Journey with Me (and the iCenter!)

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