How do you see Israel, pt.1

A few months ago, a professor of mine (who was meeting with the counsel general of Israel), asked if I could garner general student opinions on Israel. I sent out the following email:

“I’d love one sentence on the subject,
a response to the question:
“How do you see Israel?”

You can go in any of the following ‘directions’ (or others!) with your answer:
*in relation to America”

As classmates from New York, Cincinnati, and Los Angeles responded, I began to notice patterns.
Enjoy a few responses, below.

Israel as family:

I see Israel as I do my family–I don’t always agree with them, and sometimes they drive me insane.  I even question their judgment.  But I love it for all of its quirks and strengths and weaknesses with an unending flow of my deepest love.

I see Israel as if I am a disappointed parent.

Israel as complicated:

Israel is a really complicated place that I feel obligated to love, and also a place that happen to really like.

I see Israel in two ways: first, as the mythical land of our spiritual and religious predecessors, and second, as the political nation-state it has become to serve as a haven for Jews throughout the world seeking to live in a majority Jewish culture outside semi-cloistered religiously extreme neighborhoods. There is, however, a complication: neither seems to be truly 100% achievable.

I see Israel as a complex, multi-dimensional symbol of the Jewish people’s evolving presence in the world today.

Tomorrow, Israel as “a homeland for no one” AND “an essential life-place of the Jewish people.”


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Rabbinic Student at HUC-JIR in Los Angeles, graduate of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education. I love a good story.

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