How do you see Israel, pt. 2

On Friday night, I introduced a few ways in which my HUC classmates see Israel. Here is pt. 2 of that post:

Israel and home:

I see Israel as a homeland for no one; a place that is said to be a homeland for many but makes many feel not at home.

I see Israel as a possible home and a place I can go and know I will feel a sense of belonging.

Israel and the multiple “hats” she wears:

I see Israel through a variety of filters – Cultured Israel, Liberal Israel, Media Israel, etc. but I rarely come across images that seem “filterless”.

The un-categorizables:

I see Israel as an essential life-place of the Jewish people in which Jews and our allies can work together to bring to life the ancient ideals of the Torah, the Prophets, and the Rabbis.

Israel. Love it, amazing experience there that totally changed my (formerly disinterested) views on it…it hurts my heart that I feel as a female Reform rabbi my life would be too much of a struggle to make it even a vague possibility. Other things hurting my heart: the rabanut’s stranglehold on all manner of things, the discounting/silencing of women, racism.

I see Israel as a place that inspires and worries me, and when I am there I feel like I am enacting my own link in the chain of the Jewish people.




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Rabbinic Student at HUC-JIR in Los Angeles, graduate of the Rhea Hirsch School of Education. I love a good story.

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