Processing Israel Through Doodles – Dusty Klass

During my first year of rabbinic school, spent in Jerusalem, I spent a lot of time listening to lectures. The lectures were often very interesting, and thought-provoking, and challenging. But because they were lectures, they allowed for very little back-and-forth, less conversation, and almost no processing. So I took matters into my own hands (literally). Below are a few of the doodles that came out of a few of those lectures:



I drew this during our visit to an army base, while many of my classmates were off trying on and taking pictures wearing various sized automatic weapons.


ingathering of the exiles

My art has never been very sophisticated; the image of the home represents the idea of homeland. The arrows represent the different ways the Jewish people are supposed to return to that homeland, both from the four corners of the earth and also from the ground up. The question mark represents my discomfort with this idea and the orange bit suggests a potential transcendence out of this traditional “homeland” idea.



I leave the interpretation of this image to you.